Marido traído . 2005
José Henrique Fonseca

Inteligente e sedutor, advogado criminalista do Rio de Janeiro é chamado para resolver casos que envolvem chantagem e extorsão.

Mandrake is a Rio de Janeiro criminal attorney specializing in blackmail and extortion cases, particularly ones involving high-society elites who call on him when their secret lives in the city's sordid underbelly get them in trouble.He moves effortlessly between two starkly contrasting universes: a sophisticated one of money and privilege (also of corruption and hypocrisy); and the corrupt and dishonest subculture of blackmail artists and opportunists. Mandrake works out of a small but respected practice with his 70-year-old partner named Wexler, who handles the civil cases. His late father's ex-associate, Wexler treats Mandrake like a son but also hassles him over the unorthodox methods he employs. What makes Mandrake an intuitive and shrewd investigator is the same thing that makes him irresistible to the opposite sex.

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